MKR Adventure Long-distance and Rally Racing



Silk Way Rally ends prematurely for MKR

Like in a bad dream. The Russian Silk Way, currently known as the world’s toughest rally, has ended too soon for the MKR Technology constructors team. In leg four of the race technology decided to stop working, regardless of the prospects of a solid result that the team had until then. Unfortunately, they will not get the chance to defend the ... More


Leg three of Silk Way Rally tainted by loss

Crews of the Czech Renault trucks will not think back happily on stage three of the Silk Way Rally. In it Martin van den Brink lost the lead and his two Dutch colleagues from the allied Riwald team virtually any chances of a solid result. Moreover, it is not yet clear whether they will be able to continue the race at all. MKR Technology’s ... More


MKR triumphs in leg two of Silk Way Rally

Here we go again! As early as in stage of two of the challenging Silk Way Rally celebrate the MKR Technology team a win! The Dutch pilot Martin van den Brink arrived at the finishing line in Ufa in the fastest time, swiftly moving up to the lead of the overall ranking. More

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