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Van den Brink finished fourth in Silk Way Rally

It's over! Racing trucks crossed the finish line. This year's Silk Way Rally ends. Only Martin van den Brink, pilot of the North Bohemian Renault from MKR Technology, could compete with the domination of Russian Kamaz trucks. He finished 6th in the last 10th stage on the 6th place and has taken 4th place in overall standings. More


Van den Brink has only last stage of the Silk Way to go

Only one stage is left until the end of this year's Silk Way Rally. The penultimate 9th stage, Martin van den Brink, the pilot of the North Bohemian truck, finished in fourth position and is on the same position in the overall standings. This has around five hundred kilometers. More


Chinese stage changes overall ranking

On the weekend, the Silk Way Rally crews moved to China. And there were things happening! In Sunday's 8th stage, the Belarussian leader Viazovich took a tumble and lost his leading position. The North Bohemian truck with Martin van den Brink finished sixth and moved just below the overall podium due to this incident. More

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