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In eight Moroccan stages MKR team got twelve podium placings.

Golden hattrick on Morocco Desert Challenge for MKR Technology team was not happening this year, but the gap was very small – less than 24 minutes. Truck of the Renault Trucks team with Dutch pilot Martin van den Brink finished second after two years of victory. Majority of stage wins confirms that anniversary 10th year belonged to those ... More


To conclude Morocco, Van Kasteren adds a gold

The last stage and also the last victory. Trucks of the north Bohemian team scored well again in Morocco. Two of the pilots got a podium position of the last 8thstage and the third one was right after them. For the overall win, twenty three minutes were missing that Martin van den Brink could not eliminate any more. More


Van den Brink gets a golden hattrick in Morocco

Pilot of the north Bohemian truck, Martin van den Brink, gets a golden hattrick. The Dutchman dominated also the last but one 7thstage of Morocco Desert Challenge and it is his third win on this difficult rally this year. He again managed to reduce slightly the lead of the overall leader, but almost half an hour is still a large difference before ... More

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