MKR Adventure Long-distance and Rally Racing



MKR tested in Alps

High altitude and a lack of oxygen. Two interconnected elements which have a major impact on the performance of an engine. The upocoming Dakar event will take place exactly in conditions like that and the MKR Technology take no chances in getting ready for it. That is why the constructors’ team from the North of Bohemia and their Dakar special ... More


Defect spoils chaces of defending win at OiLibya Rally

Unofortunately, the MKR Technology team has not been meant to complete a goldren hattrick at the OiLibya Rally. The plan has been spoilt by a technical defect of the engine, and so Martin van den Brink and his crew were forced to end the Morocco rally prematurely. More


MKR reaching for golden hattrick in Morocco

The OiLibya Rally has started, with a truck from the Czech MKR Technology team among hot candidates for victory again. This would be the team’s third win here, as the Renault Trucks specials by Mario Kress had not found a match in the two previous years of the rally. After a year-long break the Dutch pilot Martin van den Brink has set his eyes ... More

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