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Both Mammoet’s Renaults make it to finish at Dakar

The fight is over! After two exhausting weeks the 39th Dakar Rally have reached its end. Also the two MKR Technology trucks have arrived at the finish in Buenos Aires. Despite the somewhat mixed feelings of the team from the north of the Czech Republic, with de Baar’s crew having lost their position in the elite five after the previous unlucky ... More


Friday the 13th takes chances for Top Five away

Friday the 13th. Superstitions about the unlucky date and the worries it raises often scare many. Perhaps, after this year’s Dakar members of the North Bohemia based MKR Technology are going to believe the jinx day. The penultimate stage eleven went south in all possible points of view. Both of the racing specials lost a chance for a solid ... More


Stage ten increases intervals, Pascal remains on rank five

Stage ten of the Dakar Rally made the gaps between the individual teams’ rankings substantial bigger. The ultimate winner is not yet known, but the lead of the race is already getting sharper outlines. Pilot of the Czech Renault Trucks truck Pascal de Baar continues to hold on to fifth rank. More

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