MKR Adventure Long-distance and Rally Racing



This year's Dakar was affected by three accidents

Dakar Rally, the most famous long-distance competition in the world, has written its 44th chapter this year. And trucks from the workshop of the North Bohemian MKR Technology team were part of it. Mario Kress and his technicians prepared two special Renault trucks for this year, as a part of Dutch team Riwald Dakar. The goal was to reach the top ... More


The last stage about figure one

This year's 44th Dakar Rally ended the last 12th stage with the figures one and one. Pilot Pascal de Baar passed the final stage in the 11th fastest time and successfully got his Renault to the finish line in Jeddah. In the final ranking, after all the issues, he climbed to fourteenth place. More


De Baar finished the penultimate stage in the top ten

Top ten again! The North Bohemian truck from the MKR Technology workshop in the 11th stage of Dakar made it again into the elite ten. The famous long-distance rally goes to the absolute final. After the penultimate stage of the 44th year, thanks to this, the pilot Pascal de Baar managed to jump in the overall ranking by two places. More

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