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MKR Technology Reflects on a Remarkable Dakar 2024 Journey with Jongbloed Dakar Team

The Jongbloed Dakar team, led by driver Gert Huzink, has concluded a marvelous Dakar 2024, showcasing reliable performance of the truck and resilience throughout the challenging race. MKR Technology, the team behind the preparation of the Renault C460 Hybrid truck, played a crucial role in ensuring the vehicle's readiness for the demanding ... More


Gert Huzink Celebrates Strong Finish in the Grand Finale of the 46th Dakar Rally

In a thrilling conclusion to the 46th Dakar Rally, Gert Huzink and the Jongbloed Dakar Team showcased their prowess during the twelfth and final stage, securing an impressive fourth place amidst the challenging Saudi Arabian dunes. Closing the rally on a high note, the Manderveen-based entrepreneur expressed his satisfaction with the team's ... More


Unveiling Grit: Gert Huzink's Dakar Rally Expedition Marked by Challenges and Tenacity

Yanbu, January 18, 2024-Aiming for a triumphant hat trick, Gert Huzink faced a challenging eleventh stage in the Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia. The renowned truck driver from the Jongbloed Dakar Team, who had clinched victory in stages nine and ten, encountered a series of setbacks on Thursday, ultimately crossing the finish line in twentieth place. More

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