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All trucks are at the Dakar finish for the first time

It's Over! The 42nd edition of the world's most prestigious rally reached the finish line and the complete line-up of four North Bohemian Renaults from the MKR Technology team reached the finish as well. At the start line, there was a quartet of trucks, which can start celebrating in the finish at Qiddiya. Although this time they failed to get ... More


The Quartet of North Bohemian Renaults is heading to the last stage

All four North Bohemian trucks from MKR Technology handled again the very penultimate difficult stage of this year's 42nd Dakar Rally. What is more, both riders of the Dutch Riwald Dakar team brought their trucks in the top ten. More


In the shortened stage Huzink just below the podium

Due to safety reasons, the organizers prematurely terminated the 10th stage of the Dakar Rally. With a risk of a storm, the crews avoided the final dreaded thirty-kilometer stretch in the dunes and duly finished the marathon stage to the bivouac. However, the North Bohemian hybrid truck of Gert Huzink started the race perfectly and in the end was ... More

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