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Mario Kress is building a new Dakar special in Židovice


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Mario Kress is building a new Dakar special in Židovice First images of secret project of MKR Technology from North Bohemia went round the world. Team chief designer, Mario Kress, has now confirmed that the team is building a brand new special truck for Dakar in their technology centre in Židovice.

            "Yes, with respect to the leak of images from our first testing, I have to confirm apart from preparations for Dakar rally and Morocco rally as well, we are building a new special racing truck",said Mario Kress, lead designer and author of MKR Adventure project specializing in the construction of racing rally trucks.

            It is now the fourth Dakar truck from his team and it is no surprise that it is again a machine with the Renault Trucks logo. The three previous trucks are now racing under the flag of the Dutch Mammoet Rallysport and Riwald Dakar teams. And it was the pilot of the second mentioned team, Gert Huzink, who was sitting behind the steering wheel of this new truck during the first testing. Kress and his technicians set off with a camouflaged machine for a two-day testing in Holland last week. “It was the first ever off-road test with this machine, and the experienced driver Gert Huzink, who was really driving this truck, was really excited after the first rides. He can compare previous special trucks with this new one and we are pleased to see, how much he was impressed by the changes. We are working on new technologies and we have taken another step further, ”Mario Kress is satisfied with the development process so far, but he still remains a bit mysterious. He did not want to confirm more information about the new project. He only confirmed that the new special is really for the Dutch team Riwald Dakar and it is intended for Gert Huzink. “We are still in the preparation phase and there is still a number of tests to do. It is no longer a secret that we are building a new truck, but fans will have to wait a little longer for more information,”said Mario Kress. 

Whether the new truck will be be ready for the upcoming edition of the famous Dakar or whether it will be ready for the October Rally in Morocco - with regards to ongoing tests, this is the question MKR Technology team will want to have an answer by the end of September. “Now the Silk Way Rally is behind us and we deserve a well-deserved rest. Our technology centre will be completely closed for two weeks,”added Mario Kress with a smile and a perspective of a holiday.

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